Interview with Steve Tucker of Morbid Angel (2000)
by |2azorfiend

from Evilunderground

Is the rumor I heard about Trey's hands are actually controlled by the Abzu and thats how his playing sounds like it actually came straight from the Abzu itself true?
Well I believe the powers that be come through while performing yes!!

I hear that the new album is more on the paganistic side... care to elaborate?
I am a pagan , and I wrote the lyrics from my standpoint and my views of things, there are definite relations to the powers of nature and the righteousness of it's purity.

So tell me.... just how the fuck was Hymn To A Gas Giant done? Me and a friend of mine both think its done by tapping with some sort of a chorus or other "watery" effect. How far off am I?
actually you are right on!!

I heard once that Dave Vincent was booted for not writing about the ancients enough... was the person who told me this right or just a fucking moron?
David was definitely moving away from what the band is about ,spirituality , he said and did some things that were only from his opinion ,not that of the band and it's direction.

Your vocals fit the sound very well as Dave's did, if not better!
Thanks man!!! I am very proud of my vocals on gateways ,I think that this record truly represents me.

What do you think of punk?
I really don't listen to much punk to be honest, never did. I am a metalhead!!

how the fuck does Pete play like that?! its always so fucking tight!
Practice !!!!!!!!!!!! Pete is very committed!!And talented!!

how does Pete feel about Rolling Stone accusing Morbid Angel of using a drum machine?
I think that was taken out of context, everyone knows Pete uses triggers so that he has an amazing sound everynight, the misconception is that triggers somehow cheat and cause you to play faster or something of this
nature. The fact is that triggers are just basically microphones attached to the drum, when you hit the drum it sends a signal , so triggers do not cheat!!!!!!

Maybe I'm the wrong person for this interview because I have to admit, I'm very biased. Morbid Angel is probably my all time favorite... but fukkit, how could I pass this up?!
Well anyway... do you hate alot of people?
hahha man that makes you the perfect person for this interview!!!!! I hate people that do things to me to cause hate them!!!!! I hate no one just for the hell of it, it is a waste of my energy!!

Who do you hate?
hahha nah man that shit is my business!!!

In the tradition of SpankyZine, do you spanky alot of people?
occasionally !! Got to be careful though man ,I could hurt my hand!!

Just how did Trey fit all of that sludge into his pick when writing Where The Slime Live?
he used a 10 gallon pick !!!!!! they sell them in Texas I think!!

Would by any chance Trey be interested in talking with me sometime about dat ole Continuum?
I am sure he would man ,trey likes talking to anyone interested in it!!

Is it true the rhythm riff behind the solo in Where The Slime Live came from a Robotech cartoon?
The riff ,no, the influence, yes!!

List off your influenzas.
Slayer , Iron maiden , Slayer some more

Whatz yr favorite album of all time?
Man I have way too many favorite albums!!!!!!

Why do you like Spanky Payne's mom so much?
she has excellent tits man!!!! I am sorry to do it but I cannot help myself!!

Hey thanx for this opportunity! Any last words, hatreds, or rants?
thanks man ,we will see you on tour