Interview with David Vincent of Morbid Angel (July 1996)

from HM Magazine Issue 88

"David Vincent- Tuff Guy For Morbid Angel"

HM : Full Name:
David Vincent : David J. Vincent.

Date of Birth: 22/5/65

Place of Birth: America.

Current Residency: Florida.

First Job: My first job...? I can't remember. Warehouse work, I think.

Earliest Memory: I was probably a year and a half old.

Why Did You Start Playing Music: What made it happen, is I've always been around music. Music is my life.

First Record You Bought: 'Paranoid' by Black Sabbath.

Five Favourite Albums: I can't answer that.

Prized Possession: Hmm... it's pretty interesting because you've asked me a lot of questions that are not that important to me. I'm not really a materialist, I mean, I love the various things I have. I love my guitars, I have a nice weapons collection. I don't have 'one' favourite thing.

The Ultimate Death Metal Band: You already have that within Morbid Angel.

Any Heroes: I have a lot of heroes. Bach would be the biggest.

What Would You Do To Make The World A Better Place: Have everyone mind their own business.

Favourite Non-Musical Pastime: I like to hike through nature.

Are You Superstitious: Sometimes ? Sometimes very much so, but I don't look at it as superstition. I mean, I don't do it as a particular thing. There are some things that bug me.

Goals You'd Like To Achieve Before You Die: I'm doing that daily. I wanna write great music. I want to share it with people. I want to share the human experience.

Favourite Star Wars Character: Well, I would have to say Luke Skywalker. I mean, the obvious answer would be Darth Vader, but he didn't show me anything, and Luke came from nothing and made something happen. So it's not necessarily what side he's on, it's the fact that he came from nothing and went so far.