Interview with Jared Anderson (January 2002)

from Metal Side

METAL SIDE: Tell us what had been your musical experiences before you became a member of Hate Eternal?
JARED: Well my very first real project was in 94 with Steve Tucker, I was playing guitar in that band which was named Suffer System. It only lasted 4 or 5 months and that's when I pursued and created Internecine shortly after which went on from late 94 or early 95 until late 1998.

METAL SIDE: How did happen that you met Erik Rutan and started playing with him?
JARED: Actually Internecine finished a tour with Morbid Angel here in the states because Vader had to drop off of the tour for reasons I don't know. Steve Tucker made that happen and that's how I got to know Erik and also how he saw my talent as a bassist/vocalist. Then the time to record "Conquering" came in 99 and he didn't have anyone to fill my slot yet so he contacted Steve and Steve told him that Internecine had just broken up recently and I got the call, flew straight to Florida, learned the material in 2 weeks and recorded it. It was perfect timing for me and a huge break.

METAL SIDE: "Conquering the Throne" was released a while ago, over two years > passed since that time so we hope to hear the new album soon. When can we > expect it? Did your music change in some way during this time?
JARED: We're working very hard on the new record as we speak. We will start recording March 1st and hopefully be set to be released in June or July at the latest. The music has definatly changed since "Conquering" but not drastically. It's just a different level I guess you could say but still just as violent and aggressive as our previous material.

METAL SIDE: Erik Rutan was quite busy in last months, working in own recording > studio and promoting Alas. Was this fact a real disturbance in working on the > new album?
JARED: Not at all. This record is being written very carefully. Erik has been working on riffs and songs as well as I have for the last year or so, shit, probably even longer than that. But you can only write so fast without being pressed I guess you could say, so I don't think anything he has been doing has taken anything away from Hate Eternal and our next record.

METAL SIDE: Aren't you afraid that so many occupations that Erik and Derrek have + yours (about them we'll talk soon) will make the normal work as Hate > Eternal impossible and this band - if survives - will only be a studio project?
JARED: Not at all. A band like Hate Eternal can only work so fast anyways. We put forth a lot of effort into everything we do as individuals and musicians, and if anything was rushed it would totally take away from the quality of what we do. As far as Internecine surviving, it will survive as long as I survive because it's not a new thing for me. I've got a lot of time invested into Internecine and will continue to do so. It will never be just a studio project. I might not do as much as far as touring or anything because of Hate Eternal and Morbid Angel but in my off time I plan to do whatever I can with it. Meaning touring and future records, we'll see what happens.

METAL SIDE: A question not connected with your carrier (at least not directly): when I interviewed Erik in 1999, I asked him about the possibility to record new Ripping Corpse album, but he denied that could be such plans. Lately I heard three tracks they recorded soon after "Dreaming with the Dead" (as I was told - a part of longer, already recorded material!) - really impressive ones. So I wonder if he told you something about the future of Ripping Corpse, if he's going to record new tracks (he produced Dimmak' new album so is in touch with old friends from Ripping Corpse) or to release what have been already recorded. If he doesn't, tell him please, that many people wait for it. Perhaps you could use a song or two under the flag of Hate Eternal?
JARED: That's something you would have to ask Erik. I know he wants to do a Ripping Corpse record if possible, they have enough material from the past, I do know that. I seriously doubt that we would ever use a Ripping Corpse song for a Hate Eternal record though. I know a lot of people would love to hear it but that's all between Erik and the rest of the guys.

METAL SIDE: Are you pleased with the response of fans and reviewers after the release of "Conquering..."?
JARED: Very pleased, and I would like to thank everyone personally on behalf of Hate Eternal. We appreciate it and we definatly won't stop, we've only begun.

METAL SIDE: If it's not a secret, could you tell us how many "Conquering the Throne" copies were sold worldwide? Where do you think you're more popular, in USA or in Europe?
JARED: Well according to Earaches website we've sold over 20,000 records world wide. I think the popularity was pretty much equal in both Europe and the States, really close as far as sales.

METAL SIDE: Do you know what ex-members of Hate Eternal - Tim Yeung (I heard that he's involved in NY death metal project Agiel - have you heard their music?) and Doug Cerrito do?
JARED : Tim's band actually opened for us in Rochester, NY, it's a form of black metal I guess you could say. As far as Doug, I have know idea what he's doing.

METAL SIDE: The confirmed replacement for Tim was Derrek Roddy. Have you already chosen second guitarist?
JARED: There will be know second guitarist in Hate Eternal, we have chosen to stay a 3 piece since everything went so well on our tours.

METAL SIDE: Lately, you became a member of Morbid Angel. How did it happen?
JARED: Well Steve decided he was leaving the band and they already had a confirmed European tour booked so originally I was just going to help them out on the tours and just see what would happen. The tours went really good and that's how we reached our decisions.

METAL SIDE: You will be playing bass and singing (rather - growling) in the most legendary death metal band of all times. Steve Tucker whose place you took, tried to follow (especially on the last album) the style that Dave Vincent was famous of. What are your ambitions in this matter? Perhaps Trey and Pete have already told you: "do everything you want when you're singing for us, but under one condition - be like Dave", or rather "do everything you want when you're singing for us, but under one condition - do not copy Dave"?
JARED: Really? I don't think that Steve was trying to follow David's style at all. I though it was completly different. Well I can rightfully say that it's definatly not the same style because I'm now performing both of there styles and vocally there is a big difference in vocal structure and range. I adapt better to old Morbid personally. It's very hard to adapt to someone else’s vocals and lyrical structuring because everyone has there own way of doing this. As far as tone for one, range and conviction, I think a lot of people really don't understand this. People could say, I think this guy or whoever would sound sick in Morbid, but see filling the shoes in a band as established as Morbid Angel isn't easy no matter who the fuck you are because you always have critics and everyone's personal opinion of what Morbid should sound like or who the person filling in should sound like yet they fail to realize that change can sometimes be good if given the chance. There are still people who won't let go of David being gone, but think about it, with David persuing the career he's chosen now, would he even fit back in Morbid Angel? I personally think not, that's not at all where his heart is so there would be know feeling or vibe and that's what Morbid Angel has been about since day one, feeling and vibe. No one in this band wants me to copy David or Steve, perform the past songs and classics as they were written is what I do, not copy. If I did something different they wouldn't be the same songs, and then new Morbid will be my style like no one else ever existed. This is the only way to approach this with 100% confidence and conviction and that I shall do.

METAL SIDE: Will you participate in writing the material on the next album? Are there any ideas you have that in your opinion could develop Morbid Angel's music? Is Trey, the main composer since the beginning, open for the cooperation in songwriting?
JARED: I just got in the band so I won't be writing anything although I will be working with Trey on vocal structure and what will be the best for my approach. I do have a lot of ideas for anything I do. For instance Hate Eternal, I adapted very well to the style and that's why I'm doing some writing for the new Hate Eternal. I adapt well to Morbid Angel as well, so if given the opportunity I'll definatly take advantage of it. And yes , Trey is open for ideas from everyone even though he writes the majority.

METAL SIDE: Which Morbid Angel's album is your favorite one?
JARED: Wow, that's tough. I would say Blessed.

METAL SIDE: All people who are fans of Morbid Angel, are wondering in what direction you will go in the future. After fast and furious "Formulas...", the band recorded much slower material (for me, "Formulas..." was much better). What are your plans for the next recording? Are some tracks finished? And finally, when the new album can be released?
JARED: No tracks are finished as we speak but the new Morbid will be a lot more 6 string songs and a lot more speed, this we've already talked about, more traditional.

METAL SIDE: Trey and Pete are involved in death metal scene since the beginning. Are they still enthusiastic in this what they do, or rather their current activities are only a kind of routine: no emotions, only professional work?
JARED: It's definatly professional, the enthusiasm is 100% still.

METAL SIDE: And another question asked on occasion: I heard that Richard Brunelle, ex-member of Morbid Angel, plays in the band called Path of Possession. Have you heard something about it too?
JARED : I know nothing about it.

METAL SIDE: Playing in Morbid Angel and Hate Eternal is not enough for you. You have own band too - Internecine. As we heard the material for the debut CD have been already recorded. Could you describe us the style of Internecine?
JARED: It's very unique I would say. It has its influences of course but it has a lot of old school feel, a lot of technicality that's for sure. It's kind of hard to explain and since I just finished the record I've listened to the songs so many times over and over that I'm kind of boggled to compare it to anything at the moment. I would definatly say unique yet very brutal.

METAL SIDE: Now almost a perverse questions (not so much of course): some musicians are annoying when their music is being compared to the style of other bands. For example there were reviewers who compared "Conquering..." to Morbid Angel's style and Suffocation (from "Despise the Sun"). Most bands would like to think about own music as the original one what in most cases isn't the truth. Can you honestly tell us that Internecine is the band that really deserves to be called original? What bands could be used by the reviewers of Internecine's album as the obvious associations?
JARED: Internecine has a lot of originality, as far as being the band of "true originality" I would say no. It's very technical, yet straight forward death metal done my way. It has some influences of course, so does every record I have. I'm sure it will be compared to other stuff out there, but if everyone would just listen to each band and each album for what it is, I don't think this problem would persist except for the bands that obviously rip other bands off and try to be just like other bands, to me that is gay. Influence is one thing, ripping off is totally different. This record is all of my influences and the way I wanted to write it, but I'm sure reviewers will be trying to compare it to whatever because of my status as a player and that's fine. I just want people to get the most out of it for what it is. Of course I want people to like it but it is impossible now days to please everyone.

METAL SIDE: Hammerheart Records - the label which will release your debut - on its website doesn't present any details about the line-up but I hope that you will tell us with whom you recorded the album?
JARED: Originally all I wanted Hammerheart not to do is put a huge sticker on the record saying "Jared Anderson from Morbid Angel/ Hate Eternal" or produced by "Erik Rutan of Morbid Angel/ Hate Eternal" that's all. But somehow it turned into " due to legal reasons we cannot mention the musicians or whatever etc." I didn't want to use my status as a player or Erik's status or who evers to sell the record, I want it to sell on its own for Internecine, not Morbid or Hate Eternal if you know what I mean. It's really not a big deal who's on the record. Actually I did all of the guitars ,bass , and vocals with exception to the leads which Erik laid down for me. Tony Laureno (Nile) played six songs on drums and Derek Roddy (Hate Eternal) played the others. The guitarist/ vocalist I had lined up from the original line up was to busy in college to record at the time and it had to be done so I just played them, although any touring will involve him.

METAL SIDE: Is Internecine the project that had been created before you joined Hate Eternal or it's a fresh idea?
JARED: Yes it is, it has been around for some time.

METAL SIDE: Being involved in such effective killing machines like Hate Eternal and Morbid Angel must take a lot of time. Does it mean that Internecine is only a studio project or the normal active life (especially gigs and longer tours) is being planned?
JARED: You're definatly right, I am very busy with both Morbid and Hate but in my off time, which there is some, I expect to do whatever I can with Internecine. The touring will of course not be as extensive as a Morbid Angel tour but people will see Internecine and more Internecine records.

METAL SIDE: Now more general question. I cannot not to ask you what you think about the current condition of death metal scene in Florida. For me, as for most death metal fans, it has always been the hottest place for this kind of music. But it seems that the scene there is not so vital as 10, 12 years ago. In those glorious times each year we could hear great newcomers that were releasing very good debut albums (1989 - Morbid Angel, Obituary, 1990 - Nocturnus, Deicide, Atheist, Hellwitch, 1991 - Massacre, Malevolent Creation, DVC, Ripping Corpse, 1992 - Solstice, Monstrosity, 1993 - Brutality, > Disincarnate, Resurrection, Killing Addiction, Raped Ape - to give some examples). Later it wasn't so impressive. In 1998 and 1999 few more new great bands released first CDs (Hate Eternal, Diabolic, Burning Inside, Hate Plow, Divine Empire) but in 2000 and 2001 we got almost nothing new (except for Diabolic Intent). We should remember that most of these bands were created by musicians who have been involved in the scene since many years. Does it mean that death metal from Florida, except for the bands with the established reputation and the projects created by their members, has nothing more to offer? Are there any new bands that are worth of listening in your opinion?
JARED: I really don't pay attention to the scene in Florida, to me it's all the same scene no matter where you come from. I haven't personally heard any newer good death metal bands from here but maybe there are.

METAL SIDE: What are your favorites bands? (Is Morbid Angel one of them?)
JARED: Of course Morbid Angel is one of them, Immolation, Gorguts, old Atrocity, Possessed, Slayer, Sabbath, Dio, Krisiun, Death (rip), old Malevolent, Kreator..........this list could go on forever, those are just off the top of my head.

METAL SIDE: What is the condition of death metal business nowadays in your opinion? You cooperate with Earache and Hammerheart so the companies that belong to strongest ones. Are you pleased with the way they support your bands?
JARED: I'll tell you , the death metal business is tough, that is why I do as much as I can to stay really busy and away from the outside world. I'm really happy with everything so far but the Internecine isn't even released yet so I don't know what Hammerheart will do with it. So far they have been great, so hopefully it will continue.

METAL SIDE: For many metal musicians a very important thing is their 'image'. Some for example paint their faces, others tell that they're necromaniacs, antichrists or whoever. Many years ago people were commenting on Morbid Angel's picture on which they were standing with some blondies, kneeling down to them. There were the opinions that such image is normal for the glam metal acts, but disgraceful for brutal, non commercial band. What do you think about this problem?
JARED: I think everyone should be who the fuck they are and not hide behind masks or women or whatever. I'm trying to play and sell death metal not my image and what is an image? People portraying themselves to be vampires or fuckin’ satanists or whatever it is they are into? Dressing a certain way to be seen as scary or cool? It's all bullshit to me. I wear what I want, play what I want, act how I want without limitations. I feel if you succumb to a certain image you're limiting yourself to what you can do or how you can act or be to be accepted among the people your trying to portray. I portray myself and no one else so if people want to classify me then whatever, I think it is gay. My power is in me, my knowledge is in me, my strength is in me like everything else that is in me, I don't need to act or be like someone to protect my image, to me image is only disguise, and what you are as a person, which people don't even look at or care about anymore is where the true power lies.

METAL SIDE: In last question, I used the words - 'non commercial'. Do you think that death metal is typical non commercial kind of music? Can it be generally treated in such categories?
JARED: Sure. Death metal isn't for everyone and definatly not to the masses for they don't even understand. If the whole world listened and loved death metal imagine where we would be....haha. It's kind of funny and scary at the same time.

METAL SIDE: I wonder if it really matters for you how many copies of your album will be sold. Let's imagine the situation (really hard to believe) that the sale of Internecine, Hate Eternal and Morbid Angel is disastrous. Does it mean that you will say: OK, I quit, no money, no playing?
JARED : I was playing death metal for years before I received anything so I definatly would not quit. Of course I hope it sells and people love it, but it doesn't reflect on my playing or quitting.

METAL SIDE: Would be a serious temptation for you to change the style to attract the attention of wider audience? Some European death metal bands like Entombed started the carrier playing very brutal music but later they completely lost the connection with own roots. In USA there's one drastic example of such downfall - Fear Factory. What do you think about such bands and this phenomenon?
JARED : I think it is a shame but some people find a different feeling doing something else, maybe a better personal feeling and I guess that is all that matters. Sure I've been disappointed with some bands changing but what can you do. I personally don't picture myself changing but to say "NO" defintly not, that's absurd, who can see the fucking future. I don't plan to, let's put it like that.

METAL SIDE: Thanks for all answers and good luck with Internecine, Morbid Angel and Hate Eternal. Perhaps a traditional last word for the readers?
JARED : No problem. Don't follow trend or flocks. Be yourself and do what you like and what is pleasing to you. That's all.