Interview with David Vincent
from Pyromusic

Florida death metal icons Morbid Angel are making their first trek to Australia in 14 years in June. I caught up with frontman David Vincent for a quick update on their new studio album, the Aussie shows and his thoughts on the current state of death metal.

Spiritech: Your legions of fans want to know - what is the latest on the new studio album? How far into the process are you at the moment?
David Vincent: We're coming along very well and we're all excited about it. After our visit with you and a few dates elsewhere it's all about the new release!

Spiritech: Great stuff. Have you decided on a title for it yet?
David Vincent: We haven't discussed it but even if we had, the chances of getting me to divulge such Evil secrets would be slim at best.

Spiritech: Fair enough. How does the new material compare to your back catalogue, both stylistically and lyrically?
David Vincent: We have added a new track to the set that has been very well-received. Of course Morbid Angel albums have always been filled with diversity, I wouldn't compare one thing to the next but I will say that no one will be disappointed.

Spiritech: What is the vibe like in the Morbid Angel camp these days - does making brutally heavy music these days excite you as much as it did in your early days?
David Vincent: I'd say the vibe is AWESOME! Frankly, if it weren't then it wouldn't be happening at all.

Spiritech: Indeed. Now, it's been 14 years since Morbid Angel last visited our shores. What are your memories of the two tours you have done Down Under?
David Vincent: I know it's been a long time and that is unfortunate. We all really like Australia - apart from the length of the flight - and would like to not be such strangers. Our desire is that there can be more regular visits in the future.

Spiritech: Glad to hear it. What can fans expect in terms of set list and overall vibe at the Aussie shows?
David Vincent: Fans can expect what they should expect from Morbid Angel. A balls out brutal concert with lots of OLD SCHOOL angst and power!

Spiritech: What are the band's touring plans for the remainder of 2009?
David Vincent: As I said, after a week with you and another week in South America there is nothing planned aside from completing the new album.

Spiritech: Looking back over your career, what is your personal favourite Morbid Angel album and song?
David Vincent: That's really hard to say as they're all so different. I'll let the fans answer that one.

Spiritech: A lot of people heavily criticize modern death metal bands for being too focused on technicality and ProTools-perfect production. What is your view on the current state of death metal, both in terms of the bands you started out with and the new breed as well?
David Vincent: I don't have a personal problem with the striving for technical perfection and good production. I really like hearing good songs and if a band has that then the sky is the limit. If you are talking about bands that have a billion notes with everyone overplaying constantly and stepping all over each other for no apparent reason then I probably would have to agree with your premise.

Spiritech: What newer death metal bands have you heard that you've been impressed by?
David Vincent: I have a lot of stuff in my iPod. People pass me stuff every day, a lot of which I don't have names or titles for. There are a lot of great bands and players out there and as a music fan, I'm always looking for something new to enjoy no matter what style it is. No hip-hop please, though.

Spiritech: There have been a number of reunions or reformations in extreme metal, or at least reunions of band's "classic lineups" in the past few years. Did you encounter many cynics in recent years since you returned to the band, or are most fans just excited to have you back?
David Vincent: We just did some shows with Carcass! I was blown away and they are still one of my favorite bands. Cynicism is a mental disorder.

Spiritech: Final question- do you have any last words for readers?
David Vincent: We'll see all our extreme Aussie family soon!

- Spiritech