Trey Azagthoth Biography

Trey AzagthothTrey Azagthoth entered the world of the flesh in 1965. He was born, and raised in Tampa Florida, the very city in which now is the Mecca of Death Metal. Trey all his life has had a fascination with the occult, and that which is demonic and evil. Trey remembers on holiday family vacations, they'd go to his cousins house, and he was really into the occult, he had jars all around his room full of animal organs, and shelves of satanic books..... Trey was intrigued. He never went with his cousin though, and only heard stories of what happened at their satanic rituals. Later on in life Trey would find a new fascination to go along with his adoration of the occult, guitar.

Trey got his guitar when he was around 16, it was a red B.C. Rich Ironbird. The same guitar that can be seen on the Altars Of Madness album. He was influenced mainly by Eddie Van Halen, which can surely be seen in Trey's solos. The other bands which also sparked his interest and influence would be, Judas Priest, Black Sabbath, Ozzy Osbourne, UFO, and so on. During the 80's when fluffy haired musicians in tight tiger skinned spandex singing about the rocket in their pocket, and saying "ooh, baby" in just about every song, while pretending to be evil, was quite popular, and engulfing the music scene. Trey was disgusted with these people and wanted to create a band that would destroy those cock-rockers, and show the world was evil really is, he wanted to recreate the horror of the description of the Ancient Ones in the Necronomicon, and give praise to the Ancient Ones, and honor them with his music.

Trey got together with Sterling von Scarbourogh on bass, and Mike browning on drums and vocals, and recorded numerous demos, the most famous of which is now majorly released to the public since they couldn't control the bootlegging market, that album is Abominations of Desolation, and proved to be the foundation of an unstoppable force, Morbid Angel. Upon going to North Carolina, Trey heard a band called Terrorizer, which consisted of David Vincent on bass, Pete Sandoval on drums, Oscar Garcia on vocals, and Jesse Pintado on guitars. Terrorizer only recorded one album, World Downfall after Trey heard them, he wanted to join up with Dave Vincent, and Pete Sandoval, so he talked to them and formed also with Richard Brunelle as a second guitar to form the first real Morbid Angel lineup. All they need now is a good album.

In 1986, something happened that would change the Death Metal world forever, something that would revolutionize the face of music, and twist, and mutate it into a hideous horned, fire-spitting demon from hell. Altars Of Madness. The album that would set the standard for Death Metal bands then, now, and forever. Most bands were overwhelmed by the albums shere power, and brute force, and followed in Morbid Angels blackend footsteps. Morbid Angel, with Deicide, and Death flying at it's sides would pave the way for Death Metal to come, and would continue to grow underground, and then shoot forth like lava from the earth. Upon the release of Blessed are the Sick Morbid Angel already had a massive, fanatic following, but continued to grow.... Blessed was an amazing album, but didn't quite have the aggression as Altars that Morbid Angel wanted, so they cut ties with Richard Brunelle, Dave and Trey bought Five string basses, and Trey a seven string and detuned to Bb, and prepared to finally step into the light of the surface, emerging from the underground.

With the release of Covenant Morbid Angel not only struck a core with the music world, they bashed it, and knocked it down to ground and kicked it again, when they released videos for MTV's HeadBanger's Ball(sigh) the song's Rapture, in which the original video was censored, and God of Emptiness, both did very well on the show. Dave Vincent even appeared once interviewed by Ricky Rachtman at the debut of Rapture. Morbid Angel toured the world yet again, and still gained more fan's, and appreciation. At this time whiler touring in Australia, Trey would meet Angela. They would later marry, and she would head the Covenant Of Death fanclub later on.

Morbid angel now signed to a major label, and doing quite well, decided they wanted to add something to it. Another guitarist. They got Erik Rutan, of Rotting Corpse to join them for their next album Domination. Domination saw many new things happen, even more fans, and a great world tour, but also saw a change in bassist/vocalist Dave Vincent. Dave after marrying Gen, a German singer in an S&M band, became more political, and started to "get off the path" as Dave himself said. Some songs on Domination had lyrics which didn't really go with what Morbid Angel is. Towards the end of their World Tour, they were about to go to Mexico City, and Erik refused to go. Morbid Angel was forced to fire him and get a hired replacement for him for the rest of the tour. After the tour ended Dave Vincent too also left the band, but on very good terms, with no hard feelings, or accusations of back-stabbing. This would make Morbid Angel quite different and posed a very large obstacle for Trey, and Pete to overcome.

Trey knew that they had to keep going, losing Dave was a big loss, but they can find a replacement, and keep moving. Upon having rehearsals, and tryouts Morbid Angel finally found someone to fill in the very large place of Dave Vincent. His Name is Steve Tucker of Ceremony. Morbid Angel are currently recording their next album with him, called Formulas Fatal to the Flesh along with rumors of the return of Richard Brunelle, which are not true as it is now. Morbid Angel's fan base would also expand to a new realm, the Internet.

Steve Hoier, first started The Unofficial Morbid Angel Web Site as a means of refreshing the World Wide Web and giving it a very good site that shows Morbid Angel in a very complete manor. Along with Harry Maat ( longtime friend of Trey ), and other's Steve constructed the site which eventually would meet the eyes of Trey himself, and after many conversations, the page would become official, and Steve would become second in command of the Covenant Of Death. Trey, and Morbid Angel now have power, and force in every possible media place, being on radio stations, and Television, and the Internet, Morbid Angel still isn't done. By the end of this year we'll see Morbid Angel spread it's wings and fly again.

All of this, all of Death Metal, and all the influenced guitarists of the world would not be were we are without Trey Azagthoth. Without his visions, and mastery of music, the world would be a very boring place....... Thanks Trey.

This Biography was written in full by Corey James Ellithorpe, along with information assistance by Steve Hoier, Joseph Tata, Andres Padilla, and Alan Paul.