Morbid Angel was formed in 1983 by guitarist Trey Azagthoth in Florida. (the beginning) They release in 1989 their first album "Altars of Madness", an undisputed classic which is regarded by many as the best death metal album of all-time and built, with Death, the basis of a musical genre. Morbid Angel was formed by Pete Sandoval (ex- Terrorizer) (drums), Trey (Guitars), Richard Brunelle (second guitar) and David Vincent (ex- Terrorizer)(Vocals and bass).
In 1991 they edited their masterpiece “Blessed Are The Sick”, according to me the best Death Metal album , which led them to a lead with colossal firm Warner, thus becoming the first Death Metal band to sign a major. They publish too their 1986 demo "abominations of desolation".
In 1993 the band entered the legendary Morrisound studios to record their third CD “Covenant”(Richard Brunelle is out of the band). Maybe this CD became more known for the fantastic video clips they did for “Rapture” (voted as the best video of the season by the MTV’s Metal program “Headbangers Ball” viewers, first time ever to happen for a Death Metal clip).
In 1995 Morbid Angel welcomes another guitarist into the fold : the brilliant Eric Rutan (ex- Rotting Corpse) and they release the following letter of the alphabet, the “D” with their "Domination",and in 1996 "Entangled in Chaos"(live). After the live tour bassist/singer David Vincent left the band and joined his wife’s sado-rock band Genitorturers.
In 1998, Steve Tucker (ex- Ceremony) joined as bassist and vocalist, and Morbid Angel returned with Formulas Fatal to the Flesh (but Eric Rutan left and founded a new band, the awesome Hate Eternal); a year later, the album was reissued to include a limited-edition bonus disc, Lava of Love.
The new millennium brought the release of Gateways to Annihilation, with Pete Sandoval on drums, Steve Tucker on bass and vocals, Trey Azagthoth on guitar and Erik Rutan on second guitar. Morbid Angel stays the top-band of the genre, unanimously recognized y its peers, having gave birth to a multitude of little demons... During their 2001 world tour, Steve Tucker has decided to left the band and pursue other musical and personal interests. Jared Anderson (Hate Eternal) became their new bassist and vocalist on the tour. In august 2002 Eric leave the band in order to devote himself entirely to Hate Eternal.
In 2003 they release "Heretic" the eighth chapter in Morbid Angel's unfolding legacy with Steve Tucker on vocals.
After the return of David Vincent, they record Illud Divinum Insanus in 2011 with Tim Yeung as drummer.