Morbid Angel - "Domination" - 1995

Pete "Commando" Sandoval: Drums
Trey Azagthoth:  Guitars/Keyboards
Eric Rutan: Guitars/Keyboards
David Vincent: Vocals/Bass Guitar


Weak Aside - No place for those
Our struggle leaves behind
Our lourd won't tolerate those
Whom through attrition fall

We must dominate!

With iron through our veins
And a will made so elite
Hunting for our daily bread
And the sinister close in sight
Hunger always drives the beast
And the women fall prey

We must dominate!

Leading all the wonderers to certain fate
Another victim reviled
I'm staring at you through the eyes of the wolf
Tell me who is going to save you now!

Animal senses ever alert
Praise Be to the father-war
As a servant I am serving myself
And I bathe in anticipation
Unless you taste it you could never know
All the power our lourd bestows
With a bow and a kiss profane
Be a victor or be a victim

Weak Aside - No place for those
Our struggle leaves behind
Our lourd won't tolerate those
Whom through attrition fall

We must dominate!

"Where the Slime Live"

Where the Slime Live
(They are the lowest forms of life) Where the Slime Breed
(They make a new one too corrupted) When the Wind Blows
(The winds of truth are blowing now) And the cradle falls ... down

Their poison fingers
That wrote the poison lies
Their poison lingers
And what a tragedy when the fingers are removed

Where the Slime Live!

Their burning dogma
Introducing to our minds - lies
They plot for the total control of the morals
And what a tragedy when the god-heads are removed

They crawl, They breed, They hide but we see
They burn - I see the smoke of the funerals rising
God lives in their hearts now laid to rest

What a sight as their kingdom comes tumbling down
We burn - The ones with contrite souls be gone!

Long gone are the filthy liars
Long gone are their filthy lies
I know they'll come again someday
Where the Slime Live and how the slime gets washed away

"Eyes to See ... Ears to Hear"

Darkness - Swallowing all in its path
The blind leading the blind and the flock is ever confused
Who has the gift of healthy sight and mind?
Who can withstand while the others are blown away?

Eyes to See ... What the others see not
Ears to Hear ... The voice of the elders guides
Eyes to see ... And the blind, they wither away
You Fools! These eyes are never for you

Darkness - Corrupting all in its path
Greed leading the man to blindness, suffering
And ever foretold ... The meek shall have this earth
Alas without sight they will only be left with demise

Worlds apart are They and I
My world remains in sight
Their lives - Despair
The "I's" and "They's" cannot compare


"Nothing but Fear"

Consequence - Now the panic comes
You’ve dabbled in magik
Your fingers are burned
Lost as you run towards the light
And deep in your heart
You have nothing but fear

Your future is hanging by a strand
Your master makes his just demands
Game of life’s price coming due
A swell of fear erupts in you

Your time is now!
Never a prayer, just silence rings
Charity works won’t change a thing
Your balance of life is on our side
There’s never a place to hide

What’s so real is plain in sight
Cost to play - Eternal life
For when we play - We play for keeps
Satan’s marks forever speak

Your time is now!
With screams you defy
Still silence brings
Prayers to some god won’t change a thing
Gleam in your eyes reduced to tears
And deep in your heart
You’ve nothing but fear

Why object to “rewards” you know you’ve earned them
Why reject all your fantasy
You can’t betray what your works have bargained for you
No use to fear what you have in store

"Dawn of the Angry"

Cold finger on the trigger
Behind a line drawn in the sand

Anger rise!
We fight a war with much at stake
The rights of birth that no one can take

Overflowing with anger
A soon to be awakening
Will be martyrs on to glory
Dawn finds us in this rage

As it must be this dawn of the mad

My finger on the button
With what’s so foreign in my sights

Anger rise!
We wage a war - Our nature to preserve
By any means - Our enemies be gone

No longer can we wait
As an enemy drains our future
As the light of a new day shines
Our anger fuels our march this dawn

Call of duty - All the minutemen rise and shine
Call of duty - Only sovereigns
Stand the test of time

"This Means War!"

Savagery - As judgment days arrive
Long we have waited for this time
How many brothers fallen?
How many kept alive as slaves for the wicked few?
‘Tis time for reparations
‘Tis time to settle scores
This time we give no warning
This means war!

Savagery - ‘Tis now our spirit overflows
War - Our minds are focused; we are one!
Hear now the winds of change
A force to obviate
All the enemies naked now
All the smoke gone and
All the mirrors are broken
Lost - Empires crumble; destiny
Behold! I crusader no retreat

Years of complacency on the part of the mob
Feeding on lies - so slothed, so full this is it
Restless and tolerance nearing its peak
Woe to the next ones who push us too far

Our love is now replaced by war
Life cannot be spared
Our victory at hand and by my hand
I slay the first and the last will follow
As we watch these wicked bleed
No rest for soldiers
‘Till purge is done
No salvation until we drench this earth

"Caesar’s Palace"

Just close your eyes
Can you remember
The generations not so long ago
I feel the shameless urge
That we must restore
Our former king to his rightful throne
And with me lords and maidens
We wait for the chosen son’s return

It’s a time for celebration
Our will to restore
Make our path become the future once more

Still he lives!
2000 years have passed and still
We’re yearning for his return
We fulfill a wishful prophecy
And so the chanting begins
Hail Caesar - Hail Caesar
We render unto you what is still yours

It’s a time for celebration
Our will to restore
Make our path become the future once more
Share the wish as it must be
Our king and palace - Mode it be!
Gods enslaved, traitors burning
Might and splendour forever return

I come alive
It’s a time for celebration
Our will to restore
Make our path become the future once more


"Inquisition (Burn With Me)"

Come burning - Are you going to burn with me
Won’t you come burning - The world is watching
All the king’s men riding hard
All their horses foaming
And if they were to catch us we’d be set ablaze


Won’t you come burning - All the dissident ones
Come and walk the line and you will burn with me
Witches yes, slaves never - And still I speak
A heretic amongst you - Don’t you let me live too long


Could you imagine the pain
Why would my countrymen let me down
They’re bearing witness just to save their skin
That this might keep them from burning
They’d sell their mothers just to save their skin
That this might keep them alive

The marks I’m bearing are oh so deep
My will ingrained at birth
To flood true darkness with light and reverse
You’ll see my Covenant to keep

Your judgment in the hands of the most inept
Condemn those similar to burn with me
But the night is young - I’m also feeling very bold
I think I’ll do some burning of my own


Hatework - Bringer of doom - Hatework

What I have in store
What has the devil got to do with it
I’m brewing my toil
So the brimstone comes this way

Nightwork - My life’s work - Nightwork
World in flames

This calls for fire
This is a call for ruin
We will be departed
Leave the rot so lonely

Hatework - Bringer of doom - Hatework
And the turrmoil comes

Hatework - My work - Hatework
And the earth’s left burning

I call for death - Death is answering me
And a world betrayed is black forever...