Erik Rutan


Astrological sign : Gemini.
Influences : Mozart, Vivaldi, Beethoven, Slayer, Destruction and Iron Maiden.
Comment on the recording of "Gateways...": "Gateways..." was a very intense recording and advanced production. Completion of the record has been a truly rewarding experience.
Favorite "Gateways..." track : I don't have just one favorite track. I like all the tracks for their textures and vibe.
Top 5 all time albums :
1."Haunting the Chapel" by Slayer - It was my first true taste of extreme music.
2."Eternal Devastation" by Destruction - For it's technical advancement and guitar playing.
3."Darkness Descends" by Dark Angel - True Speed and brutal heaviness.
4."Altars of Madness" by Morbid Angel - For being the best death metal record of all time.
5. "Effigy of the forgotten" by Suffocation - It is a technical masterpiece.
Interests outside music : My life is all about music. I love classical music, audio engineering and producing. I really enjoy playing my guitar. It is a release for me and it is very therapeutic.
Favorite Morbid Angel Show :Chile in 1996 for it's overwhelming intensity.
Favorite instrument : Blue Yamaha strat guitar.
Favorite pastime while on tour : I really enjoy seeing all the sights and getting out and talking to all the fans.
Advice : I only have a couple of things to say - work really hard on what you believe in and have total faith in yourself. If you follow these two things you will succeed.