Steve Tucker


Astrological sign : Pisces.
Influences : My life has influenced everything I write about. Musically I am influenced by Ronnie James Dio, Slayer and Iron Maiden. Spiritually I am influenced by the powers of nature and all the strength contained within it.
Comment on the recording of "Gateways...": The recording of the album was excellent; hearing things develop into what had only been a vision was empowering.
Favorite "Gateways..." track : I think every track on the record is excellent, I have no favorite song. I think they are incredible!!!!
Top 5 all time albums : This is impossible for me to do, so I will do it how I feel like it is to me.
5. Iron Maiden - "Killers", "Piece of Mind" and "Number of the Beast". All extremely powerful records that all the time seemed very evil to me!!!
4. Sepultura - "Morbid Visions, "schizophrenia" and "beneath the remains". "Beneath the remains" is my favorite, but all three are excellent; very natural brutality!!! Krisiun reminds me of how these guys used to be. Krisiun are now the Brazilian leaders in my book!!
3. Metallica - "Kill'em all", "Ride the lightning" and "masters of puppets". "Masters of Puppets" is to me probably one of the greatest records ever made. They are all classical to me!
2. Dio - "Heaven and hell"(with Black Sabbath), "Live Evil" (with Black Sabbath), "Holy Diver" and "Last in Line". Dio to me is the master of power!!! He is a monster!!!!!!!
1. Slayer - "Show no mercy", "Haunting the Chapel", "Reign in blood" and "South of Heaven". All very dark, evil records, each different from the other and that is what makes them my favorites, the constant changing, finding new ways to be evil!! Though Slayer are not as they were I will always respect them for what they did for me. They are the band that made me want to play fast, evil, slow, dark, brutal music while not compromising excellent songwriting.
Interests outside music : I enjoy my computer, Id o websites and use a program called Flash, and play games online.
Favorite Morbid Angel Show : Every show I have ever done in Holland has been amazing!!!!!!! The Dutch fans are very loyal.
Favorite instrument : BC RICH black widow bass.
Favorite pastime while on tour : Hanging out with friends worldwide and checking out the sights wherever we are.
Advice : Practice your ass off, and keep playing; most people quit when it doesn't happen for them quick. When it comes easy, it goes easy!!