Trey Azagthoth



Astrological sign : Aries.
Influences : All things exciting to me>>>>>>:)
Comment on the recording of "Gateways...": We just went in there and said "just bring it".
Favorite "Gateways..." track : "Ageless, still I am", `cause this song just feels phenomenal.
Top 5 all time albums : I don't have things set up to stand the same for all time. What I love now is... Pink Floyd - all! It has really opened me in feeling and in flow. The Gathering - "Night Time Birds" and "How to Measure a Planet". This music just really has it going on... It takes me places..
Interests outside music : Well; when I'm home I play online Quake 3 Arena all rail with my Sailor Scouts clan and online Z-DOOM with Vile and Sailor Scouts. I have been known to play for 35 hours per gaming session, I define the meaning of a railwhore. Always Happy to come to My>>>>H*O*U*S*E
WAAAAAA, I'm the world's worst Sailor Scout>>>>>>>>:(
Favorite Morbid Angel Show :We have played so many awesome show since '89 that I cannot pick just one. A great show is all about what kind of vibe is going on, on-stage and in the pit..
Favorite instrument : One of my fave guitars is my orange Ibanez Strat. I bought it used for $250 and then changed the pickups. It has an awesome maple fretboard that was nicely worn in when I bought it. I have toured with it some and used it for many of my solos on records from "Domination" on. I used it for the "Where the Slime Live" solo.
Favorite pastime while on tour : Paradigm gaming with the Playstation in the back lounge and watching "Sailor Moon" and American "Le Man" vids.
Advice : Play the stuff that ya feel great playing, play the stuff that ya feel passion for and you must read all contacts>>>>>10 times:(