Pete Sandoval


Astrological sign : Gemini.
Influences : Clive Burr, Dave Lombardo, Gene Hoglan, and Neil Peart.
Comment on the recording of "Gateways...": It was great, yet it was a very challenging experience. I am very happy with the results.
Favorite "Gateways..." track : I do not have one favorite track. I like them all.; They are all my favorites. They are all unique and it would be unfair to just pick one.
Top 5 all time albums :.
1."Back in Black" by AC/DC - It is a pretty evil, classic comeback. No-one knew what the band would be like with the new singer. The songs are great and there are classics like "Back in Black" and "Hell's Bells".
2."Killers" by Iron maiden - Great songs and Clive Burr as a huge influence in my first year of drumming.
3."Show no mercy" by Slayer - The first classic speed/black metal record of all time. It made a huge impact in the underground when it was released and Dave Lombardo was a key influence in my style of drumming.
4."Infernal Overkill" by Destruction - Destruction at it's best! Very eerie, catchy songs. A true Destruction classic.
5."Don't break the oath" by Mercyful Fate - It's a classic! The songwriting is dark and evil yet very beautiful.
Interests outside music : Movies, classical music, sports. I really enjoy sports because of the challenge involved. It is a war of competitors. Soccer, football, hockey, basketball and baseball are about the challenge. With my style of drumming it is a challenge and I must be prepared like an athlete. So I understand the hard work, the practice, dedication and challenges an athlete has to go through. Favorite Morbid Angel Show :I would have to say the past two European festival tours we did. The one in April of 1999 and the one on December of 1999. The band was incredibly tight. The energy level was extremely high and our team was strong.
Favorite instrument : Pearl's SRX Prestige Session series.
Favorite pastime while on tour : I really like to concentrate on each show and plan it out. I also really like to go out and meet all the fans - just talk a little bit and say hello and thank them.
Advice : Stick to your own beliefs. Be truthful to yourself and be as original as possible. There are going to be critics who like you and hate you, just believe in yourself and just do it! You can advice from a role model, but you have to carve your own path.